Your Wealth Is In Your Work.

Do what you love
Love what you do
Your wealth is in your joyful work
Your work is what you were gifted and wired for
No one can sack you from your work
You can not sack the fish from swimming
Neither can you sack the eagle from flying
The roar and prowl is innate in the lion

Your job is what you applied to do
It is what another man,woman or institution employed you to do
Lucky you if you find joy in your job
Very few actually do
The one who employed you on a job can easily sack you from the job.

When you make your gifting and calling your job then you are on your way to wealth because then you will be in your work that you were wired to do and it can never be dull or lack zest . It will be fun all the way ,yet your wealth is added to you as an icing on the cake.

©Akin Benjamin

April 28, 2019

Whatever does not command your joy
Or tap into your passion cannot become excellent in your hands

Your wealth is in your work
That you joyfully do
Consistently and with innovations!
©Akin Benjamin
April 2019

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