Supportive Discipline Group

Akin Benjamin

CONVENER & Founder

This is a group created and charged with advocating for the rights of every child through use of supportive discipline strategies and positive approaches to child discipline.

We are an assembly of intellectuals and professionals in the education sector alongside parents who believe in the advocacy.

About SDG

Everyday  great minds gather to discuss explore pressing educational and parenta issues affecting children from both social, economic and legal perspectives.

Supportive Disciplinary Strategies

The convener with other top professionals provides new and improved supportive ways to raise decent citizens with great qualities

Strategy & Innovation

Top Strategists with professional experiences in various fields help to implement various innovative solutions to student-teacher and parent-child relationships and much more

User Experience

Members share experiences in the home and classrooms with others and measures taken

Legality & Intervention

Our lega partners in the group provide what the laws says as regards each situation