The biggest challenge to your dream of getting to the next level is the person you see in the mirror everytime you look at it.
There is no greater hinderance to your dreams than the backllog of ideas , beliefs and convictions that have erected an INVISIBLE GIANT WALL in your mind.
On that strong wall are edged in iron , those terrible belifs that tells you
1. It is too late to breakthrough
2. You dont need to be wealthy ,just have enough for
you and yours only!
3. They have taught you not to dream or plan when you dont have money in your pocket that can make it happen and you belived the lie !
4. Go to school ,work hard ,get good grades and get a good job as an employee!
5. Ok you are better than an employee ,now you are self employed and you are cool, not knowing that as long as you have to resume at that work and close every day ,you are only an employee o your own job !
6. Once you have a good job ,your problems are over
7. You may never have enough to start your own business
8. The economy is too harsh.

These are just some of the self limiting thoughts and ideas which have become a great wall, a covering cast that must be scaled and smashed if we are going to breakthrough into wealth .

Your mindset can your greatest set back .Change your mindset and you would have changed your life.

Make up your mind to Scale these imaginary but limiting walls in the month of February 2018.

Seeing you on the brighter side of life .

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