You actually canvassed from home to home convincing parents of the school that has ealier done you a big favour that their children can leave for your secondary school in the first term of pry six .

All because of greed and the fact that the other school owner insists on pupils completing pry six before leaving for secondary school. That leaves nothing to be desired in ETHICS !

Basic 6 is the terminal class for primary school in Nigeria . I know that so many parents would rather have their kids leave in primary five or four and I wondered why the rush ?

Maturity and ability to handle more than just cognitive demands is very important even if your child is an Einstein!

A child that was comfortably in the first five in her class at 8yrs or 9yrs is pushed into secondary school without the emotional readiness and maturity needed to handle JS1 excellently begins to struggle all through ,gets distracted and falls into the bracket of the last ten in class .

Whereas if she had been allowed to complete the requirement of the curriculum and matured better ,she could have maintained her first five position or even do better with ease ,since she is ready.

I know that there are few exceptional kids that will still do their JS 1 class at 9 and come out “well” but they are just what they are ; exceptions.

It is worse if your underage prodigy is in a boarding school , he can become a shadow of herself being so distracted , overwhelmed and may even become a victim of bullies.

Let us allow our kids complete primary six .
That year is not a wasted one for schools that know what to do, which is not just drilling pupils for common entrance.

Primary six shou be a” Finishing School ” where children are given all round preparation needed to take on the demands of secondary school way beyond academics.

Back to the issue of ethics

That school leader who used guerrilla marketing strategies to poach pupils from a benevolent partner school has done poorly in his or her ethics, going from house to house to steal away the hearts of parents from their preferred school and the agreement they had initially with the school.

How on earth do you take children away in the middle of the first term to register them in your JS 1 class and think you have not committed a poot fart that leaves a pungent smell everywhere.

School owners and school managers should abide by proper ethics; relating as partne players in the same sector.

Genuine collaboration and a spirit of camaraderie will do a lot more if we all want to move from good to great.

Akin Benjamin
Education Consultant
& Child Right Advocate

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