Celebrating my Mama still!

Celebrating Mama still

My mother taught me the National Pledge so well i became the first to learn it by heart and was the only one who could recite it in my school.

The HM Mr Salako said teachers must take me to all classes in the school to teach the pupils . It was St Paul’s Anglican Primary School Gbongan ,the year was 1976 and yours truly was in Pry 2.

Unknown to me I just debuted in a life long career of teaching .

My mother was invited and celebrated by the school for having achieved such a feat with a pry 2 child .

I was in Pry Two (1976) and the National pledge was just given to Nigerians by the government.

The Nigerian National Pledge was created by an eminent Nigeria; Prof (Mrs.) Felicia Adebola Adedoyin in 1976.

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