If your pupils or students can not successfully attempt 75 to 80 percent of the homework you give them ,please that is not a homework it is a burden to the entire family!
You have actually transferred your task of teaching and learning to parents.

Homework doesn’t have to be everyday , there should be a homework policy in the school where your children attend ,ask the school managers.
Homework is needed to reinforce and extend learning that took place earlier in class .

Funny enough , most teachers give the same homework , same level of difficulty to all the learners In class , how do you expect a child who is still struggling with the four basic operations in numeracy to handle complex tasks in fractions either in class or as homework without making every one sweat at home.
Parents will gladly participate in very appropriate , creative , interesting tasks with life applications or references instead of hard tasks beyond the ken of the child when parents should be resting at home after a hard day’s work just like the teacher who sent the heavy assignment home.

Yes some parents demand loads of homework just so their children can be occupied .

In my humble view ,it is the duty of school to educate such parents on the purpose of homework and their policy on it.

This has always been my view on the issue of homework.

© Akin Benjamin
28/1/ 2021

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